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Adult Autism Spectrum Screening Questionnaire

Adult Autism Team Referral Guidance for Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnostic Assessment Eligibility

Those eligible for a service from the Adult Autism Team are individuals aged 18 years or over at the time of the referral:

  •  Where there is a concern that the individual may have an autism spectrum disorder (individuals with a learning disability will have diagnostic assessment within the Learning Disability Service)


  • Where this is evidence that this has had a significant impact on their day to day functioning.


  •  Has given consent to the referral.

Diagnostic assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome should be considered if there is evidence of:

  • Difficulties in social interaction and communication


  • Stereotypic (rigid and repetitive) behaviours, resistance to change or restricted interests.

 AND these difficulties are:

  •  lifelong
  • having a significant impact on the person’s or others day to day functioning.
Adult Autism Spectrum Screening Questionnaire
Please use format day/month/year e.g. 12/05/1979

Difficulties in social Interaction

Do you have difficulty making and keeping friends?
Do you have no friends, very few friendships or friendships that most people would find unusual in quality?
Were there problems of this type in childhood, while at school?

Difficulties in Communication

Is your communication different or odd?
Do you have difficulty using communication to get your message across?
Are your communications longwinded?
Do you sometimes ‘get the wrong end of the stick’?
Does your speech have unusual tone or quality?
Are there differences with regard to non-verbal communication, eye contact, body language or your proximity to others?
Do you have difficulty reading your non-verbal communication, perhaps having difficulty knowing when it is the end of your consultation?
Were there problems of this type in childhood, while at school?

Stereotypic (rigid and repetitive) behaviours, resistance to change or restricted interests

Do you have unusual intense and/or odd interests or hobbies?
Are there things that you need to do in a certain way/routine? Consider food, clothes, environment, routes to places etc. Does this preference for routine impact on those the person shares their living space or shares their life with?
Does change cause difficulties for you?
Do you amass facts on areas of interest?
Do you have a need for perfection that can cause you difficulty?
Is there any evidence of stereotypical motor movements (flapping, rocking etc)?
Do you have any unusual fascinations with sensory inputs?
Were there problems of this type in childhood, while at school?
Is there a family history of ASD and other neurodevelopmental conditions?
Is there recurrent episodes of care in mental health services?
Is there a lack of progress noted in conventional mental health interventions?
Is there a lack of engagement in services?
Is there any difficulty with employment?
Is the employment/occupation at lower level than would be expected given your academic achievements?

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